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AI:MS began in 1986 when, in light of a tragedy, students asked for a new way to address concerns about alcohol and drugs. Today, professional staff and student-elected peer counselors are available to assist students who experience issues related to substance use or other addiction issues (e.g., internet, eating concerns).

Contact AI:MS

  • By appointment: AI:MS appointments are available during business hours (M-Th 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. Simply call (212-305-3989) or email ( to schedule an appointment.
  • Walk-in: Walk-in appointments are on a first-come, first served basis. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the availability of a counselor. Walk-in appointments should generally be used for brief consultations and are generally limited to 30 minutes. If additional time is needed to address the concern, AI:MS staff will schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Call: Stephanie Garman, LCSW, CASAC, the Director of the AI:MS program can be reached by phone at 212-305-3989 or by email at

  • All services provided by AI:MS are free to CUMC students.

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Three Tiered Approach

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About Confidentialty

All contact with AI:MS is kept confidential, except in cases of imminent serious risk to individual safety. We strive to be approachable and compassionate. No paperwork is generated, and AIMS cannot refer students for disciplinary action. AI:MS is not affiliated in ANY way with Dean’s offices.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in our services through AIMS. This holds true for all people who approach us, including those seeking help for their friends. The AIMS program was started to offer students an opportunity to address addiction issues without contacting administration or faculty.


IN SOME INSTANCES, WHEN NECESSARY, AIMS CAN OFFER REFERRALS FOR ASSESSMENT. Students who are referred for assessment will be given three choices of practitioners, of whom at least one will be off-campus. They will choose a practitioner, contact them, and comply with the practitioner's recommendations. AIMS does not keep any paper trail on the visits, and will not have access to any information exchanged during the visit(s). We feel we have an important role to play for our class and hope that you will approach us with any questions you may encounter, no matter how small or trivial you think they may be. Please feel free to contact us any time either in person, on the phone, or via e-mail.

Students in Recovery

AI:MS works with Students in Recovery to connect them with resources and to help them connect with other students who are in recovery. AI:MS can also recommend 12 step meetings that are student-friendly.

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What if I am concerned about a friend?

AI:MS can meet with students who have concerns about troubled friends or family members. Based on the nature of the concern (addition issues, disordered eating, depression, etc.), we can help in the development of an action plan that assists the student in identifying an appropriate role they could take in assisting the friend, as well as identify specific options available to render assistance to the troubled friend or family member.

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Center for Student Wellness - 107 Bard Hall - 212.304.5564 -

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