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How do I make an appointment?
The most efficient way to make an appointment is by contacting the Mental Health Service (MHS) by phone at (212) 304-5549. Phone messages are secure and fully confidential. Include the following information: name, telephone number (repeated twice), times that you will be available to receive a return call on the day you contacted the scheduling clinician and on the following day.You can also leave information about why you have contacted MHS. You will receive a call back from the scheduling clinician, who will do a telephone triage in order to obtain the information necessary to complete the referral process. The initial telephone appointment in order for the scheduling clinician to make a referral to an appropriate clinician whose availability matches your schedule.


What if my situation feels urgent?
If a situation is urgent, call 212-305-3400 and ask to speak to the on-call clinician. If it is during office hours, you may also go to the Student Health Service at 60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Level, Tower 1.


Can I change my therapist if I believe the match is not satisfactory?
Yes- in any relationship a match that works is essential. It is often helpful to bring your concerns to the attention of the clinician with whom you are working so that they can be explored and perhaps usefully resolved.


How can I continue my treatment if I complete the 10 visit Mental Health Service format?
You can use your Aetna insurance which provides an additional 40 visits during the academic year.


Who can provide treatment under the Aetna plan?
The clinician who treats you may be able to continue under the Aetna program or can refer you to a clinician on our select panel.


Can I choose a mental health clinician who is not on the Mental Health Service staff?
Yes—you will need a referral. Call (212) 304-5549 or any staff member of the Mental Health Service in order to arrange for such a referral.


Is my Mental Health Service chart part of the Presbyterian Hospital records system?
No - the Mental Health Service charts are entirely separate from the Presbyterian Hospital records system and cannot be accessed like a Presbyterian Hospital chart.


Will I have to interrupt class, lab or clinical work in order to see someone on the Mental Health Service?
We aim to schedule appointment that do not conflict with academic responsibilities


Can I choose the gender of the clinician I work with?

If you have a mental health emergency, please contact 212-305-3400.


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