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Prior to scheduling an appointment with a clinician on the Mental Health Service, you will have a confidential telephone triage conversation with a mental health clinician. The triage is a standard procedure, used by many University Health Services, for gathering relevant information about the current situation, in order to make a timely referral to an appropriate clinician with the Mental Health Service.

Here are the options for scheduling an appointment:
  1. The most efficient way to make an appointment is by contacting the Mental Health Service (MHS) scheduling clinician by e-mail at, or by phone at (212) 304-5549. Both messages are secure and fully confidential. Include the following information: name, telephone number, times that you will be available to receive a return call on the day you contacted the scheduling clinician and on the following day. You can leave additional information about why you have contacted MHS. You will receive a call back from the scheduling clinician, who will do a telephone triage in order to obtain the information necessary
    to complete the referral process.

  2. You can contact any clinician on the Mental Health Service directly.
After the telephone triage, the scheduling clinician will arrange an appointment with a clinician and will provide you with the name, office telephone number, location and time of an appointment that is compatible with your availability.

If you wish to see a clinician outside of the Mental Health Service, contact an Aetna network or out-of-network clinician directly after obtaining a referral. These referrals are available either in the Student Health Service or from a Mental Health Service clinician. The Mental Health Service has a list of clinicians who participate in the Aetna network. You can locate additional in-network clinicians by going to You can then enter DocFind to select a clinician.

Daytime Emergencies - Call (212) 305-3400, or come to the Student Health Service, 60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Level.

After Hours Emergencies - Call (212) 305-3400 extension 7.

If you or a friend have an immediate concern about suicide, call our SHS number at 212-305-3400 and request to speak with a Mental Health Clinician. You may also call the suicide hotline at 800-273-8255 or walk yourself or friend to the Emergency Room.


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