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Occupational Exposure Emergency Procedures

If you are enrolled in the Student Health Service (SHS), we are also your resource for health issues related to your work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare sites during your time of study at CUMC. This process begins with the immunizations required for your registration as a new student. Your required immunizations, health evaluation, and other requirements are then updated annually.
  • We offer influenza vaccine annually beginning in September, and strongly encourage its use by all students. Participation in the influenza vaccination program is mandatory for all clinical students. The vaccine is provided at no cost in the Student Health Service. We also provide a number of "flu fairs" where we bring the vaccine to you. Keep your eyes open for announcements and emails in the early fall.

  • We will also examine and treat you for any body fluid exposures or occupational injuries. Remember, body fluid exposures are a medical emergency! If you sustain an occupational exposure, please come to the Student Health Service immediately, or contact the SHS clinician on call and go to the ER if we are closed. If prophylaxis is indicated, it is most effective when begun with 1 hour of the exposure. You must also file an incident report at your clinical site for any body fluid exposure or injury.


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