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   Waiving Insurance Coverage

New! AETNA Insurance waivers are now done online. You must have comparable insurance and the deadlines to waive are firm.


The 14-15 waiver criteria may be found here.

If you are a clinical student and considering waiving, please be sure that your policy will covering testing and possible medications for needlestick or other blood-borne pathogen exposures. These costs are covered by the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

  • You may not waive the AETNA insurance if you have incurred any claims during the current policy year.

  • During the policy year, you must have a life status change to enroll or waive the AETNA insurance.

  • Only new students may waive or enroll during the Spring and Summer enrollment periods.

  • Full-time students may not waive the SHS charge unless they are also full-time employees of Columbia University or will be living more than 50 miles away and will be taking no classes on campus for that academic year (>50 miles form). Deadline dates are the same as for Waiving AETNA Insurance below.

  • Electronic submission of the online insurance waiver will result in reversal of the student health insurance premium, which will be reflected on your SSOL account within 24 hours. Should your waiver not be acceptable on subsequent review, you will be notified and this charge will be re-posted to your account.

Online waivers are available.
Insurance Waivers are done online during waiving period detailed below.
Click here to waive.

Part-time students and post-docs click here for enrollment information.

Deadlines for waiving AETNA insurance:

Fall: August 1 - September 19 (open enrollment - all students)
Spring: January 1 - January 30 (new students/dependents only)
Summer: June 1 - June 30 (new students/dependents only)


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