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The Aetna Student Insurance Plan does not include oral health coverage (with the exception of accidental injury to sound teeth and wisdom tooth extraction).

All students are eligible to enroll in EITHER the Columbia Student Dental Plan OR the Aetna Advantage Dental Plan. You do not need to be enrolled in either the Student Health Service or the Aetna Student Insurance Plan to enroll in either dental plan.
Dental insurance must be renewed annually by the member.

What do they cover and how much do they cost?

The Columbia Student Dental Plan covers x-rays, semi-annual oral examinations and prophylaxes. There is a 25% discount on non-covered services. The cost is $180 per year (8/1-7/31). Care is provided by dental fellows. Enrollment Period: 8/1-1/31. Please click on the link below for additional information, enrollment form, and patient registration forms (new members only - once enrolled, please take the registration forms to the Vanderbilt Clinic, 7th Floor).

Columbia Student Dental Plan

The Aetna Advantage Dental Plan covers cleaning and semi-annual oral exams, x-rays, fluoride treatment, sealants, fillings, scaling and root planing, simple extractions and emergency treatment. Non-covered services are provided at a discount. The cost is $286 per year (9/1 - 8/31). Care is provided by Aetna network DMO dentists. Enrollment Period: 9/1-9/30 and 1/15-2/15 (2nd semester only).

Aetna Advantage Dental Plan

How do I enroll?
  • For the Columbia Student Dental Plan, click on the above blue lettered 'Columbia Student Dental Plan' for an application.
  • For Aetna Advantage, go to, click on Students, then Find Your School (812835). On the CUMC page, select "Dental Plan."
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