The Columbia University School of Nursing has a long and rich history of leadership in clinical excellence and scholarship and helped to develop the field of advanced practice nursing (APN). In addition to a continuing dedication to education future generations of clinically excellent nurses, the school maintains a unique APN practice site.

Advanced Practice Nursing
Learn about the history of this field, Columbia’s role in shaping it, and the important role that highly educated advanced practice nurses are playing in meeting the nation’s need for high-quality clinical care.

PhD Student Columbia Advanced Practice Nurse Associates (CAPNA)
CAPNA is the Columbia University School of Nursing faculty practice in midtown Manhattan. This scholarly practice provides primary care and Travel Medicine services. CAPNA practitioners work in partnership with New York Presbyterian Hospital.

American Board of Comprehensive Care (ABCC)
ABCC is an independent organization to certify graduates of Doctor of Nursing Practice programs who have met defined and accepted standards of practice. It is the only certifying group which examines doctoral level advanced practice nurses in the provision of comprehensive care.

PhD Student Council for the Advancement of Comprehensive Care (CACC)
CACC is the leading academic organization for the promulgation of doctoral level clinical nursing and assuring high standards of doctoral nursing practice. It promotes policy for national standards, reimbursement, access and increased authority of these individuals. CACC established ABCC as the certifying body.

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