International Visitors

The Columbia University School of Nursing (CUSON) welcomes faculty and scholars who want to spend sabbaticals or short-term visits with us. The CUSON Office of Global Initiatives serves as the clearinghouse for faculty and scholars wishing to visit. Because the CUSON receives many requests for visits each year, the following policy provides information regarding the criteria and process to facilitate your request and assure that visitors will have a positive experience and have their goals met. NOTE: CUSON is not able to arrange any visits to hospitals or other clinical sites.

Step 1. Complete the “Columbia University School of Nursing Office of Global Initiatives Visitor Request Form” online at: and e-mail it to to express interest in visiting CUSON. NOTE: Even if you have already been in contact with a CUSON faculty member regarding a potential visit, this form is required to initiate the process. To ensure a timely response, please be sure to complete all fields in the form.

Step 2. The Office of Global Initiatives will review your request with the Associate Dean for Research to determine if your requested visit could potentially be accommodated. The Office of Global Initiatives will contact you within 3 weeks to either:

  1. Obtain more information, put you in contact with an appropriate host faculty member, and/or arrange a conference call with the Associate Dean for Research and the host faculty member to discuss details of a possible visit
  2. OR
  3. 2. Decline your request.

Approval is contingent on the following criteria:

  1. Your stated goals, objectives and areas of scholarly interest for the visit
  2. Your requested visit dates and length of stay
  3. The availability of a suitable faculty host
  4. The availability of adequate office space and other resources for your proposed visit


If your visit request is approved, there are additional minimum requirements and responsibilities for the visitor:

Administrative Fee

CUSON will collect an administrative fee to cover the cost of faculty mentoring and institutional overhead which includes office space and equipment and use of University resources. The fee is $200 per person, per week, or $3,500 per semester. Administrative fees will be determined during the visit arrangement process and in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Research and the Director of Operations.


The visitor must provide evidence that all of their expenses for the duration of their stay will be covered in full (e.g., travel, lodging, meals, the required administrative fee, etc.). CUSON does not provide any financial support, including scholarship or other travel funds, for visitors.


Visitors are responsible for identifying and funding their own housing. Housing options in New York City and near Columbia University are extremely limited and tends to be very expensive. It is suggested each individual have at least $2,400 per month to cover living expenses in New York City. Listed below are a number of housing resources that visitors are encouraged to explore.

Itinerary and Work Plan

Visitors will work with their Faculty Host to develop an itinerary and work plan for their visit, including how the visit will be evaluated.

Scholarly Dissemination

Visitor will be required to present their scholarly work at a CUSON seminar or other relevant campus forum. They will also likely participate in individual meetings with faculty members who share similar interests.

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