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Student Computing

Student Lockers

Lockers at CUMC are made available to students on a first-come, first serve basis via the online locker request form. Please review all information below before making your request.

Please see additional information further below for students who are in their 3rd or 4th year at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
  1. You must be a student currently enrolled in a program at the Medical Center.
  2. You must be taking classes at the Medical Center during the semester(s).
  3. Locker assignments are for one academic year unless the student is not taking a class at CUMC during any semester of the academic year.
    • Students who take classes at CUMC for the entire academic year must vacate their locker by May 31st, the end of the academic year. You will receive an email reminder prior to the end of the year to vacate.
    • Students with a locker assignment who do not take a classes during a given semester must email to give up the locker and make it available for others. Please include:
      1. Your name
      2. Your UNI
      3. The locker location and number
      The combination will be changed before the locker is re-assigned to another student; it is not necessary to include your combination when emailing.
  4. You must select accurate information about your program and, if available, your year in the program. Some programs require a locker assignment in the Black Building (see below), while others will be assigned a locker in the Hammer Building. Students who select the wrong information will be contacted to vacate the locker.

Black Building Locker Assignments
Due to program requirements, 3rd and 4th year Medical students must use lockers in the Black Building; other students may not use these lockers.

When submitting the locker request form, please select the appropriate option indicating your school and, if available, your year, in order to be assigned to the correct location.

Students must provide their own combination lock for use with Black Building lockers.

Vacating Your Locker
Please remove all items from your locker by the end of the academic year, May 31st. A reminder email will be sent to your Columbia email address before the end of the academic year. Contents left in lockers after the assignment ends will be disposed of and cannot be stored.

Using the Locker Request Form
  • Log in to the online locker request form with your Columbia UNI and password, select your school and, if the option is available, your year in the school's program.
    • Medical (College of Physicians and Surgeons) 3rd or 4th year students will receive a locker assignment for the Black Building due to program requirements.
    • All other students will receive a locker assignment in the Hammer building.
  • When the form is submitted, information will be emailed to your Columbia email address regarding your locker location and, if appropriate, combination.
    • Students with Black Building locker assignments must provide their own combination lock. Some Hammer lockers also require that students provide their own combination lock; if the email for your locker assignment has a blank combination please use your own lock.
    • If no lockers are available, you will not receive an assignment. You may try submitting the form again the following semester to see if any lockers have become available. We are not able to put students on a wait list.

If you have already been assigned a locker, you will see a message stating this when submitting the request form. Please check your Columbia email for the message you should have received when the form was first submitted. The email's subject will read CUMC Locker Assignment Request, and it will contain your locker location and combination information.

If you believe this is an error or need a locker assignment released, please email with your name, UNI and any pertinent details.

Locker and Combination Troubleshooting
When trying a combination for the Hammer lockers with installed locks, please be sure to:
  • Make at least 3 full turns before stopping at the first number. More than 3 turns is ok.
  • Make 1 full turn passing the first number in your combination before stopping at the second.

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Last updated 2/25/2015