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Student Computing

Student Email Accounts

Students at CUMC receive an email account for official academic use.
  • Those enrolled in the College of Physicians and Surgeons or the College of Dental Medicine receive an email account on the CUMC IT Exchange system. Please see information on the Email at CUMC pages for help with setting up and using your Exchange email account; instructions below will not apply.
  • Those enrolled in other schools at CUMC should follow instructions immediately below for help using your email account. NOTE: as of late 2014 and early 2015, CUMC students in other schools are getting Exchange accounts; please follow any specific instructions you receive.
Set Up Your Account
Your Columbia email account is activated via the Manage My UNI page, simply select the link to Activate UNI or Email and follow the prompts. If you do not know your UNI (University Network ID) yet, use the Find UNI? field towards the bottom to enter your name and search for your UNI. It will typically be your initials followed by a random string of numbers (ex: ab1234). Your UNI will be the first part of your Columbia email address, preceding

When activating your UNI and email the steps involved include:
  1. Accepting account terms - you must accept the terms of the Columbia Computer and Network Use Policy if you wish to use your UNI account. Anyone using a Columbia UNI and/or email is required to know and abide by policies including keeping your computer secure, respecting copyright, and not sharing your account or password. Violations can result in the immediate suspension of your computer account and network access as well as possible academic and legal repercussions.
  2. Select and answer security questions - these will allow you to use the Manage My UNI site in the future and reset your password if forgotten.
  3. Choose a password - pick your password for your UNI account and email. It must be between 8 and 64 characters; for additional password requirements see the please click here link in the myUNI page when selecting your password.

Once you have successfully completed your UNI/Email activation, your account should be usable within 24 hours. If you receive any errors while trying to activate please follow any instructions that appear onscreen.

Email Use
CUMC students (as well as faculty and staff) must not set up automatic email forwarding to an external account such as Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc. This is part of University policy enacted to help prevent release of protected health information and other sensitive data, accidental or otherwise. For full information see the Email Use policy page.

  • To immediately access your email using any computer connected to the Internet, log in to the browser based version called CubMail:
  • Outlook is the email program supported by CUMC IT and is available free for students under the University site license for Microsoft Office. See links in the left navigation column of this page for instructions on configuring your email account in Outlook on Windows or Macintosh, as well as a mobile device.
  • General information on email can be found on the main Columbia website at Use links that specify a Cyrus or CubMail account.

Additional Help

Email and UNI account technical support
Although some of the web sites linked above in reference to your email and UNI account are found within Columbia University's undergraduate/Morningside computing pages, CUMC students may contact the CUMC IT Service Desk with questions or issues. The mail servers/system for is managed by CUIT on the Morningside campus but the CUMC IT Service Desk is the primary technical support group for the Medical Center campus and will have the necessary answers and access to troubleshoot and help resolve any problems you may encounter.

What should I do if I forget my password?
Visit the Manage My UNI page and select the Forgot Password? link. You will be prompted to answer the security questions selected when you activated your UNI and can immediately select a new password. If you are not able to answer your security questions please follow instructions in the Manage My UNI/Forgot Password page for contacting technical support.

Managing your email account
The Manage My UNI page ( has links that allow you to manage many aspects of your account, including:

  • Changing your password
  • Setting up an automatic Vacation or "Away" message
  • Email filtering to automatically sort your messages
  • Check your quota - the amount of space you are using on the Columbia mail servers - and request an upgrade if necessary.
  • As stated above, CUMC students must not set automatic forwarding to an external email provider, even if the option is available in Manage My UNI.

Please follow the links and instructions found on the Manage My UNI web page for all of these individual features.

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Last updated 1/15/2015