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Configure your Macintosh Computer to Print to Pharos

Macintosh computers running OS 10.9 through 10.6 can be configured to send print jobs to the Pharos printing system at CUMC.
NOTE: You must know the administrative password on your computer in order to install Pharos.

Installing the Pharos Applications

  1. Click on the following link to download the Pharos Popup installation file for Macintosh: Popup.dmg
  2. If prompted, Save the files to the desired location on your computer. They can be deleted once you have completed the installation.
  3. Double-click the Popup.dmg file to mount it to your computer, then double-click Popup.pkg.

    Popup Package on Macintosh

  4. The Install Pharos Popup Client window will open. Select Continue to begin, then Continue again to pass the Read Me information.
  5. Click on your Macintosh HD icon for the installation destination, then the Continue button.

    Select Popup Installation Destination

  6. Select the Install button to begin installing the Pharos Popup Client.
  7. When prompted type in the administrative password for your computer, then select OK.
  8. An Install Succeeded window will appear when done, select Close to finish. The Popup mount can be ejected from your computer.
Configuring the Pharos Printers
    Mac Print & Scan icon
  1. When both the Pharos Popup Client has been installed, open your System Preferences (Apple icon - System Preferences) and select the Print & Scan icon.
  2. Select the + icon towards the lower left of the Print & Scan window.
    NOTE: You may need to select the padlock icon in the lower left first and type in your computer's password to unlock the Print & Scan settings.

    Add Printer in Mac OS 10.8

  3. You should see an Advanced icon in the top toolbar of the window that appears, if not click here for instructions on adding it. Select the Advanced icon, then from the Type drop down menu select Pharos Print Server. It may take a moment for the Type menu to load.

    Printer Type Pharos Server

  4. Click into the URL field so your cursor appears immediately after popup://
  5. Type (or copy and paste):

    Pharos Print URL and Driver

  6. Verify that the full URL field reads: popup://
    If is not correct, you will not be able to connect to the Pharos printer.
  7. In the Name field, type in anything that you would like to use for the printer - this is the name you will see displayed on your computer when sending a print job. We suggest CUMC Pharos Black & White.
  8. From the Print Using drop down menu, choose Select Printer Software...

    Select the Printer Software to Use

  9. Type hp laserjet 9050 into the search (magnifying glass icon) field to find HP LaserJet 9040 9050 MFP in the scrolling window immediately below, and click on it to select.

    HP LaserJet 9050 driver

    If HP LaserJet 9040 9050 MFP is not listed, you may change the Print Using drop down menu to Generic PostScript Printer, or click here for instructions on downloading and install the printer software from the HP website.
  10. Click OK to select the driver, then Add to add the Printer on your computer.
  11. A Setting up... window will appear. To enable double-sided Pharos printing, check off the Duplex Unit checkbox and then Continue to accept the default printer options. The new CUMC Pharos queue will now appear in the list of printers.

    Duplex Option

    NOTE: checking the Duplex Unit will not automatically default your Pharos print jobs to double-sided. You must make sure that the Two Sided option is selected in the Print dialog box's Layout options whenever you send a print job to Pharos. See this FAQ for instructions.
  12. Close the Print & Scan/System Preferences window. Your computer is now connected to the Pharos black and white printers.
To install the Color printer on the 2nd floor of the Hammer building, repeat steps 3 through 12 of Configuring the Pharos printers with the following URL and printer software information:
  • Click into the URL field so your cursor appears immediately after popup:// and type :
  • In the Name field type CUMC Pharos Color
  • For the printer software, select HP Color LaserJet CP4020-CP4520 Series. If this isn't listed you may change the Print Using drop down menu to Generic PostScript Printer, or search the HP website to download the printer drivers for this model.
  • Do not check off Duplex Unit in installable options, it will not work on the Pharos Color printer.

NOTE: After installation, the Pharos printer queue that was just configured may be set as your default. To change this go back into your System Preferences - Print & Scan settings and adjust the Default printer drop down menu at the bottom of the window.

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Last updated 4/29/2014

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