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Student FAQs

Printing on Campus

How can I print at the public computers and campus printers?

Pharos is the name of the printing system that runs the CUMC campus printers. If you have a Columbia email account (UNI) you can select File - Print from any public computer to send your document to a Pharos print queue:

  • CUMC_B&W - to print at any of the black and white laserjet campus printers
  • CUMC_Color - to print to the color laserjet printers in Hammer
Once you have sent your print job(s), go to your desired Pharos printer, login with your UNI select the document to print. Our Printing web site has step by step instructions for printing with Pharos.

If you would like to print to Pharos from your own computer, you can configure if for Pharos by following the instructions linked on the How to Use Pharos web site.

How can I get the free page quota? How do I know if I'm entitled to the free page quota?

If you are currently enrolled in classes on the Medical Center campus and are not affiliated (enrolled in a program) with Morningside as well, you automatically receive a printing quota for use at the Medical Center Library when you establish your Columbia email account. If you experience problems with your printing quota please contact the CUMC IT Service Desk.

When do I get my page quota? How many pages do I get?

Page quotas run per semester; you receive 1000 pages per semester. Unused pages do not carry over into the next semester.

You must be enrolled in classes for the current semester to receive printing pages. If you are in a program on the Morningside campus, your semester's print quota may only be available there.

Fall and Spring Calendar

How can I check my page quota?

When you log in to any Pharos printer terminal or touch panel, your current quota is displayed in remaining pages.

  • Black and White (CUMC_B&W) prints deduct 1 page from your quota, whether double and single sided. This equals 10 cents per purchased printed page.
  • Color (CUMC_Color) prints deduct 5 pages from your print quota. This is true of any pages that come out of the Color printer, whether color ink is used or not. This equals 50 cents from purchased pages.

What if I need more pages?

Pharos printer pages can be purchased by faculty, staff and students with active UNI accounts at the cost of $.10 per black and white page or $1.00 per page for color printing. Pages are sold in increments of $1.00.

Pages can be purchased at the Service Desk or Photocopy Center located on the 2nd floor of the Hammer building. These purchased pages remain on your account until they are used.

Can I print double-sided?

All of the Pharos printers except for the color laserjet print double-sided from Windows by default; Mac systems usually use the previous print job's settings. To change either you must bring up the full Print options window (select File - Print from the upper left menu of the program you're using) and adjust the settings as desired. When printing double-sided you should select long edge for portrait oriented pages and short edge for landscape oriented.

Windows: select the Properties button in the Print window. Then select the Layout tab and change options under the Print on Both Sides drop down menu.

Macintosh: select the Layout option in the middle of the Print window (you may need to click the Show Details button in the lower left first), then your desired option from the Two-Sided drop down menu in the lower right.

Macintosh Two-Sided Print Options

How can I save paper when I print?

See tips on the Green Computing page.

Can I use labels, transparencies or other special types of paper in the Pharos printers?

Labels, transparencies and other special types of paper cannot be used in the Pharos printers. The Photocopy Center located on Hammer building 2nd floor can assist you with printing on non-standard paper.

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Last updated 5/26/2014