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Student FAQs

Student FAQs - Email

Email FAQs on this page are for students using an email account that ends in If you use an Exchange email account ending in, please see Exchange FAQs.

How can I create a Columbia email account?

See information at the top of the Student Email Accounts page.

How can I change my password?

For your email account, select the Change Password link on the Manage My UNI website at and follow on-screen instructions. If you have an Exchange ( email account please see this Exchange FAQ.

What can I do if I forget my password?

Go the Manage My UNI website and select the Forgot Password link. You will be prompted to answer the security questions selected when you activated your UNI/email. If you are not able to answer the questions see instructions on-screen for contacting support.

Can I forward my Columbia email account to my Gmail or other email account?

Automatic email forwarding to non-approved systems - including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc. - is prohibited. As a student at a medical institution, users cannot automatically forward their institutional email to an external account in order to prevent release of PHI and other sensitive data, accidental or otherwise. Please see our Email Policies. page for full information.

I changed my password and now can't open or send email from Outlook or my mobile device.
Your email program on your computer or mobile device may store your old password. On a mobile device enter the Settings, select Mail or Accounts, then your Columbia email account, and enter Account Info or General settings/Configure server. Clear out the saved password and type in the new one. For Outlook on a computer see the following:

    Outlook 2013 and 2010 on Windows
  1. Select the File tab in the upper left corner of Outlook, then the Account Settings box/icon and the option to Add and remove accounts or change existing connection settings.
  2. In the Account Settings - E-mail Accounts window, make sure the E-mail tab is selected. Double-click on your Columbia email account listed under the Name heading to open the Change Account window.
  3. Clear out the Password field in the lower left and type in the new password you selected for your UNI/email account.
  4. Click the Next button in the lower right, then Close/Cancel and/or Finish to save the new password.
    Outlook 2011 on Mac
  1. Select Tools from Outlook 2011's topmost menu bar.
  2. Select Accounts from the bottom of the Tools drop down menu.
  3. If there is more than one account listed in the left of the window, make sure your Columbia email account is selected/highlighted.
  4. Clear the Password field and type in the new password you selected for your UNI/email account.
  5. Click the red button in the upper left corner of the Accounts window to close.
While it is convenient to let an email program store passwords, per University policy you should refrain from using this option to prevent possible data leaks. If you do not save your password in your email program, you will only be prompted to enter your password each time you start the program, and the first time you send an email after opening the program.

How do I add my CourseWorks Calendar to my email program?

See the CourseWorks Video Tutorials page and select the appropriate link under the Calendar heading to the left.

What happens to my account when I graduate?

Graduating students will receive email notice in advance of their account expiration, please follow any instructions regarding setting forwarding and storing or moving your existing messages carefully. Columbia offers alumni a lifetime email address and email forwarding, see Be sure to review qualifications on the page regarding account eligibility.

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Last updated 7/10/2014