Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar: 2013 - 2014 Lecture Series

Presbyterian Hospital Building, 622 West 168th Street, New York NY 10032,
Floor 19, Sergievsky Conference Room.
Thursdays, 10:00 - 11:30 AM
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2013 Speaker Institution Title
Sep 12 Yaakov Stern, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Update On Cognitive Reserve
Sep 19 Chris Habeck, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Resting state neuroimaging research in basic and clinical neuroscience: overview, critique and future directions
Sep 26 Ray Razlighi, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Free Surfer From A To Z
Oct 3 No Lecture All Faculty & Fellows Specific Aims Meeting
Oct 10 Marla Hamberger, PhD Neurology, CUMC Cortical stimulation mapping:  variations in practice in surgical epilepsy
Oct 17 Lyndsey Collins-Praino, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Pathological changes in the white matter in Alzheimer's disease
Oct 24 No Lecture Faculty & Fellows Data blitz
Oct 31 D.P. Devanand, MD New York State Psychiatry Institute Offactory identification deficits in the prediction of response to cholinesterase inhibitors in MCI and AD.
Nov 7 Laura Zahodne, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC A chicken and egg problem in latent growth curve modeling: Do depressive symptoms precede or follow memory declines in non-demented older adults?
Nov 14 Zhishun Wang, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Brain Connectivity Analysis for Revealing Neural Circuits that Govern Psychiatric Disorders from Multimodal MRI Datasets: Background, Methods & Applications
Nov 21 Meagan Farrell, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Objective language ability and language self-monitoring in dementia
Nov 28 No Lecture   Thanksgiving
Dec 5 Jamie Hamilton, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC The Effects of Exercise on BDNF Levels & Cognitive Function in Healthy, Aging Adults
Dec 12 Jack Grinband, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Update on Simultaneous FMRI/TMS at the NI
Dec 19 David Steffens, MD, M.H.S. Dept of Psychiatry, UCHC Update on Geriatric Depression: Sorting Out Mood and Cognitive Impairment
Dec 26 No Lecture   Christmas
Jan 2 No Lecture   New Year
Jan 9 Laura Zahodne, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Psychosocial moderators of late-life cognitive decline
Jan 16 Ray Razlighi, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC

Resting-State BOLD fMRI Mystery or Myth?

Jan 23 James F. Sumowski, PhD Kessler Foundation Cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence for reserve as residual variance in multiple sclerosis
Jan 30 Christian Habeck, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Douple dipping, over-fitting and other follies and fallacies of frequentist inference
Feb 6 Ursula M. Staudinger, PhD Columbia Aging Center, MSPH The Plasticity of Aging: Psychological Perspectives
Feb 13 No Lecture    
Feb 20 Michelle Miozzo, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC The brain correlates of word production
Feb 27 Teal Eich Taub Institute, CUMC Cognitive Control of Working Memory in Schizophrenia
Mar 6 James Galvin, PhD NYU School of Medicine Cognitive Change in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders: Symptoms, Pathology, and Mechanisms
Mar 13 Babek Ardekani, PhD NYU School of Medicine New Approaches to Study Progressive Corpus Callosum Atrophy in Alzheimer Disease
Mar 20 Robert Vorburger, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Insight from Uncertainty: Probabilistic Techniques in Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Mar 27 No Lecture    
Apr 3 Kim Noble, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Socioeconomic disparities in neurocognitive development
Apr 10 David Weiss, PhD CUMC Young at Heart: How Older Adults Deal with Negative Images of Aging
Apr 17 Bruce Link, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Socioeconomic Status, Cognitive Ability and Health Across the Life Course
Apr 24 Jennifer J. Manly, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Early life predictors of cognitive function among African American older adults: an update
May 1 Lila Davachi PhD NYU Post-encoding reactivation as a marker for memory consolidation
May 8 Stephanie Cosentino, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Subjective Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging
May 15 Robert Fieo, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Associations between cognition and an extended-IADL scale in community-dwelling older adults
May 22 Linda Fried, MD, MPH MSPH Aligning meaning social impact and cognitive reserves
May 29 Yunglin (Elaine) Gazes, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC White Matter Integrity and the Four Reference Abilities in Aging
Jun 5 cancelled    
Jun 12 Yian Gu, PhD Taub Institute, CUMC Diet and volumetric brain MRI measures

Columbia University
University Seminars on Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience (2013-2014)

Chairs - Yaakov Stern and Herb Terrace
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