TIRAR: 2007-2012

Training in Interdisciplinary Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (TIRAR)

Grant # T90 NR010824
Director: Elaine Larson, RN, PhD,
Professor of Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical Research, Columbia University School of Nursing
Co-Director: Richard H. Kessin, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University
Funder: National Institute of Nursing Research, National Institutes of Health
Dates: 9/18/07 - 6/30/12
Funding: $1,034,545

Under the founding direction of Kristine Gebbie, DrPH, RN, and Aaron Mitchell, PhD, the TIRAR training grant was designed to prepare biomedical researchers and others in interdisciplinary research with a focus on the prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance.  With their initial leadership and later under the direction of Elaine Larson, PhD, RN, and Richard Kessin, PhD, TIRAR supported seven pre-doctoral and six post-doctoral trainees from the fields of nursing, epidemiology, medicine, pharmacy, microbiology, and biomedical informatics.  Trainees participated in two specially designed didactic courses (“Building Interdisciplinary Research Models” and “Global Antimicrobial Resistance”), completed supervised interdisciplinary field experiences, and worked with their faculty mentors on antimicrobial resistance research projects in their primary disciplines.  TIRAR trainees have gone on to pursue a variety of endeavors after completing the program, including faculty and postdoctoral appointments at Columbia University, Duke University, and The Ohio State University, research positions at the National Institutes of Health, and clinical research positions at major medical centers.  Examples of the work completed by TIRAR trainees while in the program are listed below. 

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