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Columbia University Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery
Patient Experience  Success Stories

"Before, I was unable to do the things I wanted to do. Now, I can do things I never thought possible.
Before, I was limited in what I could do. Now, I have accomplished what I never thought I would.
Before, I could get by. Now, I fly."

"My dreams for a better life started with the staff of the Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center."

William M.

"I use to walk with a cane.
I would just go to work and come home. You can't keep me in the house these days!"

"Airplane seats aren't uncomfortable any more, and I love my new muscle."

"I have lost about 140 pounds so far and have gained so much more than a scale could ever measure. I have a new body, a new outlook on life and a new confidence in myself. Words cannot explain the difference this procedure has made in my life. Medically, physically, emotionally and mentally, I am like a new woman!"

"My gastric banding experience has been one of the best decisions of my life."
— Eric

"Gastric banding surgery has given me back my life, and hope."
— Patricia

"Today I can say I am living the life I dreamed, and I am living a life I love. I can't even begin to express the difference and contribution Dr. Bessler and his staff has made in my life. He has given me the opportunity to take charge of my life and dare to live it to the fullest!

"Thank You, Dr. Bessler, for your skilled mind, hands and your loving heart!"

"For the first time, I love the person in my body and I have a positive sense of self."

A Personal Story: Lisa Goetze Gets Going with Gastric Bypass Surgery

A Personal Story: Lisa Goetze Gets Going with Gastric Bypass Surgery Growing up, Lisa Goetze always detested gym class. "I never liked to sweat. I believed running was pointless unless you were being chased by someone with a knife." In fact, running was never an option for Ms. Goetze. For her, the mere act of walking was a battle. Throughout her life Ms. Goetze had struggled with morbid obesity. Her world as an adult consisted of commuting from home to work, and work to home. Venturing anywhere beyond those places was rare and extremely difficult because at 550 pounds she could only stand for a limited amount of time. In 2000, Ms Goetze underwent gastric bypass surgery—a decision that changed her life, and more importantly, her attitude regarding healthy living and remaining active. Today, she is a 32-year-old full-time business professional and part-time personal trainer in Bergen County, New Jersey. After a very long and difficulty journey, she has learned to appreciate a full routine—and a little sweat in her life.

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