Dr. Adam Griesemer, MD


Adam D. Griesemer, MD
650 West 168th St. BB1701-E
New York, NY 10032

Dr. Adam Griesemer is an Assistant Professor in Surgery, Division of the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation and the Director of the Large Animal Xenotransplantation laboratory of the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology. Dr. Griesemer received his BA in chemistry from Harvard University and his MD from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He performed his residency in General Surgery and his fellowship in Abdominal Organ Transplantation at Columbia University Medical Center.

During his surgical residency, Dr. Griesemer conducted research into translational xenotransplantation protocols at the Transplantation Biology Research Center at Harvard Medical School under the guidance of Drs. Kazuhiko Yamada, David Sachs and Megan Sykes. He gained extensive experience in translational models of xenogeneic thymus transplant and bone marrow transplant for the induction of tolerance. He also investigated the role and function of Tregs in large animal tolerance models.